It all started with one family, a family of good friends, their passion for hospitality, love for old Bangalore days. They wished to forage an intimate space that exudes an eclectic mood with traces of mystery and adventure lurking in the air.

An escape from the bustling cityscape, Nevermind is a casually elegant bar built around the moody glamour of the bygone days. Featuring a micro-ambiance set-up of each space, Nevermind stirs all the colors and textures into a space you can almost taste. It boasts of strategic landscaping all around crowned with antique clad mirrors on the celling making an impression of an everlasting space. With smoky leather couches to sink into on one end to vibrant seating on the other, every corner at Nevermind hides a unique charm. One can also find exceptional floral patterns, interspersed columns with metal trellis giving them the look off a tree to artefacts and curios placed everywhere adding to the coziness. With an impressive island bar right in the middle and igloo inspired cabanas which are ideal for those looking for a perfect private dining experience, Nevermind is an intimate space for discerning folks.

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12th Main Rd, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560008

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